Most of us have heard fairytales or folk stories about the third eye – evil eye – the psychic transcendent eye. The idea is represented by many epithets and features in countless myths and fairytales. All these stories of the third eye strike at an increasingly demonstrable biochemical truth. The third eye is a remnant of our lizard brain. It manifests in modern humans as the pineal gland. It is no longer photoreceptive, but the pineal remains as the regulator of our dreams – woven deeply into the sleeping mind-state.

Recent research has linked the pineal gland to the production of natural dimethyltryptamine (D.M.T.) in the human brain. This is the same chemical engendered by psilocybin, the active ingredient in cubensis mushrooms and the famous Amazonian ayahuasca ceremony. Shaman have long claimed ayahuasca will “open the spirit eye” and a resurgence in popular experimentation with D.M.T. and magic mushrooms has produced remarkably similar reports about psychedelic encounters with super-intelligent aliens and different cosmic dimensions.

Opening the third or pineal eye (e.g. taking a D.M.T. trip) may not be precisely creating a portal to another galaxy – or any phenomenon that defies the laws of physics – but it is opening portals into regions of the mind impossible to reach otherwise.

It is a transcending experience, insofar as the mental state transcends the everyday norms of prefrontal cortex dominated limbic egocentric reality. Integral to transcendental revelation is that most fascinating part of the psychedelic trip: meeting with sentient alien beings. Most report encountering distinct alien intelligences that are apparently conscious, independent and – after the trip is over – can’t be dismissed as a mere drug-induced hallucination.

Almost every psychonaut has a version of the encounter, often repeated, invariably described as “more real than reality” and “different to the people we invent in dreams”. Communicating with these alien intelligences becomes an obsession for many, with thousands documenting their perceptions of a mesmerising ongoing conversation spread across many trips. Often these encounters are so emotionally supercharged they’re literally life-altering.

But what are these aliens? Are they a hallucination by the drug-deranged psychonaut? Why are the descriptions so consistent across so many people? Why are perfectly sane, level-headed psychonauts so convinced their alien encounters are real – or more real than reality?


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