Bias and prejudice are bad traits but scepticism and independent thinking are not.

Scientists respect science because they’re respectful of other people’s peer reviewed conclusions.

Scientific method boils down to data collection and analysis. What scientists conclude and what science accepts isn’t binding nor does it exclude anyone from being involved in collecting more data, analysing it and challenging extant paradigms.

It’s false equivalency to compare what scientists conclude and what non-scientists believe. Not because the former are better than the latter but because the latter can’t be fucked to look at the evidence (data).

Scientists often get called arrogant by believers cuz the latter’s beliefs aren’t taken seriously (for the billionth time) but this is projection. The conceit is with the believer who presents the beliefs on a level with science. It’s a conceit because the believer hasn’t done any work, hasn’t sifted the evidence, isn’t presenting an informed conclusion. It’s just hearsay. To presume it’s on a level is to disregard all the hard work the poor scientist has had to do, constructing a conclusion block by block out of data.

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